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  1. mustwafa says

    am augandan student who finished his advanced level nd would like assistance with free edn. dat side bse ifailed 2 join University. idnt hav money

  2. Abdulmalik Ibrahim says

    Hello sir, I’m from poor family, but we are defitine our selves every day I’m dreaming I live my placess to some way,to studie better.and again I’m pray to Almighty God true my dream please sir I need your help.

    • Adama daramay says

      dear sir I’m here to inform you about my situation I have come from poor family and I want to study no way because I don’t have the financial support pls I need you help.
      thank for the time

  3. Godfrey sebit says

    I appreciate the scholarship, but haven’t seen medical courses. Am interested in doing bachelor in clinical medicine

  4. jalene tadesse chali says

    Hi, i am jalene chali. And i really want to apply for fully funded scolarship. That is becouse i cant affored for any university fees. I seriously need help. Thanks for reading. Its ok if you guys dont want to choice me.

  5. Duguma says

    my name is Duguma wakgari from Ethiopia, I have MA in geography. But i want to learn abroad in any related subject ,how can I get scholarship?

  6. Mustafe says

    My names, mustafe Mohammad Osman.
    I’m extraordinary appreciate, United nations Africa scholarship. I’m very proud to be those who get this great opportunity.

  7. Mustafe says

    My names, mustafe Mohammad osman.
    I’m extraordinary appreciate United nations Africa scholarship.
    I’m very proud to be getting this great opportunity.

    • Musoni james says

      Hello is james i need your scholarship please I need your helps.I beg you to send me your email.thanks
      I’m in Rwanda

  8. Bushi Huluka Dembel says

    I’VE BSc degree in environmental science and graduated from wolaita sodo Ethiopia university
    So,if you help me i want to get your’s full scholarship to learn my masters degree becouse of i can’t learn by payment.please if you are ok invite me.
    Bushi Huluka!

  9. Uwimana yves says

    Hello Sir or Madame
    I need to study but I don’t have any support or opportunity in order for continue my course in university ,I finished in 2018 in secondary school in option of PCM (physics-Chemistry-Mathematics ) but I didn’t continue to study because of not having any possibility so may you help in order to continue my course , thanks God blessed

  10. Asfaw Abebaw says

    My name is Asfaw Abebaw I have Bsc in Agricultur in the dipartment of Natural Resource Management . Iwant to learn Msc in the above please select and list from the participants in USDA.

    • Mohammed aregawe endris says

      First of all i woulld like to thank you for gving this golden opprtunty to introduce my self my name is mohammed aregawe endiris i live in ethiopia i have done my marketing mgmt from adigrat universty. Please contact me this phon number

  11. Emerald says

    Good day my daughter has completed her senior year of high school and she would like to study nursing. Does your institution offer nursing.


    I am a South African woman running a Early Childhood Development center informally I need funding to study Early Childhood Development

  13. Anthonia Egbujiobi says

    Good day Sir. I have a Masters of Law and currently looking for a scholarship for my PHD in law in the US. I am based in Nigeria Will be grateful if I can get any important link or info. Most grateful.

  14. Freddy Buchaguzi says

    Very Well, comment cela se fait il, gratuitement je pense,accepterez vous de nous recevoir en immigré avec la famille.juste pour le travail et le troisième cycle ?

  15. Faith Nakola says

    For I have not seen any schoolarship related to Bachelors of Medical Laboratory Science or Bachelors of Biomedical Laboratory Technology

  16. Tafesse Mosissa says

    Hi dear friends , how do you do ? Am a 45 yrs. old male from Ethiopia I have tried to get your scholarship program several times , but not successful . So , if not for fake purpose I want to join your program inMasters degree of Public Health .

  17. Oyekunle Oyerinde says

    To go to school and study has been my dream from the teenage years but the dream stopped when I have nobody to sponsor me and became stranded,I will be happy if am helped

  18. Alipo Ngoma says

    I am a holder of a bachelors degree from the copper belt university zambia. And I would love to do my masters in line with my degree.

  19. Lovelyn says

    Hello good morning
    My name is lovelyn Matthew,am writing in respect of this programme to let you know that am very much interested, to study accountancy, I’ve always dream to study abroad but I couldn’t due to lack of finance ,want you people to grant me this opportunity ,I will be very grateful if my request is granted
    Thank you

  20. Lovelyn says

    Hello good morning
    My mame is Matthew lovelyn,am writing in resperespect of this programme, to let you know that am very much interested to study accountancy through this programme abroad. I Will be very grateful if my request is granted
    Thank you

  21. Crytal says

    I am a 19 year old South african female i obtained my high school diploma in 2019. I am seeking funding as well as an institution where i can study nursing.

  22. Samuel h.kamara says

    Hi, I’m student Samuel h.kamara, from Liberia. Since 2015-2016 I have graduated from high school I am not yet working at all. I have no support from any family members. So I’m very happy with myself coming across this scholarship. I hope you people will help me travel to the USA inquiring education I thanks you all my number +231776075726.

  23. Amara m Kamara says

    I’m interesting in the USA scholarship and also an Understanding student from Monrovia Liberia.
    For more information you can contact me on WhatsApp +231778487159.

    • CONDÉ Sidafa says

      A mes sieurs lesorganisateurs,je souhaite étudier à l’étranger pour amélioration de la connaissance et servir loyalement aux nations et l’humanité.

  24. Khalil Omer says

    I need thid scholarship to broaden my knowledge because iam very interested in learning but due to financial issues i couldn’t make that dream come true

  25. Mabruki Nyembo Elie says

    suis congolais vivant au burundi avec statut de réfugier, je suis détenteur d’un diplôme de licence en relations compte beaucoup à votre bienveillance pour me faciliter la tâche de continuer avec mes études.Merci beaucoup.
    Mabruki Nyembo Elie.

  26. Martin Amaliya says

    I’m interested in this scholarship program because I would like to upgrade my academic qualification to degree in the field of animal production

  27. Hambessa Bati Gemechu says

    My name is Hambessa Bati from Ethiopia.I am 3 rd years BSC nursing student .I want to learn in USA.please help me

  28. Chala bati says

    I want to get this scholarship becouse i know i can do better
    I want to improve my knowledge to be effective person so that i can help my society

  29. Thomas phiri says

    This is Phiri Thomas Jr from Zambia. I feel inclined and bond to have been exposed on such an amazing Platform as this that seeks to create space for all and gigantically cuts across races and countries. I would love to access the scholarship with hopes that once I have the acquired knowledge- not only my country but the world at large may be transformed through my contributions.

    In this new Mellinium development Age – The would continues to create space for people who need change.
    I need change in my life
    I need change in my family
    I need change in my community
    I need change in my country and eventually the world a large.
    I appreciate your response in advance…

    Thomas Phiri
    Lusaka zambia

  30. Dr. Dawit Tesfaye wendimagegn says

    My name is Dr Dawit Tesfaye, I am Ethiopian. I graduated by Docter of veterinary medicine from Jimma University, Ethiopia in 2015. Since then I am working in National tsetse and trypanosome control and erradication institute of Ethiopia. I have published more than three research concerned tsetse and trypanosomosis. Now I want to extend my education level by master of veterinary parasitology or related field. Please help me and my poor country. Email- or call me on phone no- +251910302033/+251936725920

  31. Mamadi Lovetta Koroma says

    Hi I’m Mamadi Lovetta Koroma I will be very great full if I am giving a full found scholarship because I don’t have the finance to pay my university fees but I really want to be educated if I have the opportunity thank you.


    Bonjour, monsieur, madame, je me nomme Sylla adiaratou je suis d’une famille pauvre et j’aimerais avoir une bourse d’étude afin de réaliser mon rêve qui est de devenir un ingénieur en informatique. Merci

  33. nadji hadjersi says

    تحيتي الخالصة:اريد منحة مجانية للدراسة في امريكا ولدي شهادة الليسانس لغة عربية وادابها ارجو الاتصال على 213775688567+او على الايمايل ادناه

  34. Workina Gemedo says

    My name is Workina Gemedo.I am applied from East Africa Ethiopia. I have first Degree BA in Economics. I was graduated from Rift Valley University. Now I have very interesting learn Masters Degree by Scholarship in foreign Country. So that please support me as I successful my wish. If contact me my cellphone number is +251916656790 or my email is
    Thank you Very much!!

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